My Life on the Scene of “Uncorked”

Quarantine and chill anyone? As we adjust to this hopefully brief new normal, Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services are probably seeing their biggest profits yet. I am probably contributing to this like most Americans because in the Pirtle house we are buried in streaming services. This weekend is going to be a little different. I’m a star yall!! Well maybe not yet, but I am so excited that my first movie as an extra is premiering on Netflix Friday, March 27th. The movie “Uncorked” starring Niecy Nash, Mamoudou Athie, Coutney B. Vance, Sasha Compere and a host of other notable actors had scenes that were filmed in Memphis, Tn. So, here is the scoop on my experience.

The hours are lonnnnnnng. So I expected that I would have to block off a couple hours per day but I was wrong. The call times are normally early in the morning and you are there all day until the night. For this particular film, all of the extras were across the street from the film set. The hostess was very sweet and made sure we were taken care of in every aspect. She even made hot cider. Whats that joke about 30 extras in a house?

Fancy clothes? Nah, Extras were told what the shoot would be for the day and we would bring clothing that matched the scene. Once dressed, the coordinator would inform us if we needed to make changes. There were items that could be borrowed as well. For the men this was a little easier than for the females. You know the collective “we” like to do the most. My seasoned ladies were surely showing up to show out. One had on a fur, not faux fur but fur. Who does that? Anyway..

Makeup? So all of the extras did not get hair and makeup. Only those that were in noticeable scenes or speaking parts reported to hair and makeup. The makeup artist that they had on set were bomb though ( I received hair and makeup). I enjoyed these ladies so much because it gave me an opportunity to talk about the industry and the culture of the industry in Memphis.

Remember, I said that I received hair and makeup? Well, I did. The main scene that I received hair and makeup for, I was pulled from because I looked to young (no spoilers). This is by fair not a bad problem to have but I was thankful for my other snippets. Don’t forget to catch the film on Netflix. I wanna know what you think. Feel free to drop comments above.

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