allison, you will not mommy shame me during this quarantine!

Day number 4,356 from the Pirtle Residence…….. So we have been in the house for a while now and I have lost count of what day it is but there is one thing I know for sure. Mommy shaming is at an all time high. Since starting my new job as a facebook scroll technical engineer, I have notated several things. I bet your wondering who Allison is right? Well, Allison is the parent who has some how became the parent police and multitasker of the century on social media as of lately. Allison has converted her home into a Pre-K classroom equip with multi colored paper, paint, crayons and all the play dough you would ever need. She has a fully functional amusement park in another room and blue tape outlined on the floor directing her student to the cafeteria for lunch. Not only is Allison rocking her new home school reality, she is also cooking three meals a day and doing yoga four times a week. WHO are you Allison!! Pre-Quarantine I considered myself to be a schedule master but guess what happens when there is nothing to schedule. Nothing, absolutely nothing. Three weeks inside and I am just starting to grasp this temporary normalcy. Did I mention that I am the mom of a 4 year old boy? Previous to last week, we were staying up until the early morning hours and sleeping through mid morning. Now, we are on a 10-4 kinda schedule and I can roll with this for a while. I am balancing making sure my son is learning, working from home, and dodging a virus that has caused a worldwide pandemic. I would say that maybe I am the super multitasker! Are we homeschooling everyday of the week? Nope. Do my 3 meals a day always include something cooked from scratch? Nope. Is my son having the time of his life while at home with mom and dad? Absolutely. So Allison, keep sharing all those cute pictures. We love the family time. However, all parents are different. They adjust to what is better for their children. For some, this may be the only time they have gotten to bond with their mom or dad. What do you guys think? Have you experienced this? Leave a comment. Until the outside opens, be safe.

“Back when the world made sense”

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