Badder than a mother…… A post mother’s day shout out

This post is a shout out to the village. Today is a celebration for all the moms out there.  It takes a lot to not only bring a life into the world but to also raise this human being from something so small you can fit it into one hand to a fully functional adult. To put this into perspective you are raising a human being that will sooner than later start making decisions about what they want to wear, what schools they want to go to, who they want to date, and eventually who they want to leave you and spend their life with. My son is 4 and has just started telling me how he wants his hair cut. Full Disclosure…… it was an issue for me. I felt like I had at least till 8 or 9 before this happened. It’s not just decision making though. You’re also teaching the heavy stuff like tolerance, honesty, generosity, devotion, self-control, determination, and optimism. All of this to raise a human that is an asset to this world and a good person. As adults we are consistently trying to improve ourselves as well so you raising an adult while still trying to be a better adult. Adulting is hard.

           So how do you handle it all? I can speak for myself when I say maybe I don’t have a village but I do have a small little tribe that I call my own. I have friends that I call for all of my WTF parenting questions, grandparents that check-in, and a Godparent whose sole joy is choosing the birthday cake every year. I share this day will them because they keep the ball rolling on this raising a human thing.

“ My daughter introduced me to myself” Beyonce Knowles. We all know I am part of the BeyHive, but just because it’s Mrs. Knowles-Carter let’s not let this quote get lost on you. My son definitely introduced me to myself. My patience is tested daily. My generosity and unconditional love were expanded. I interact with the world in the same manner that I would want the world to interact with my son. But it’s not just on me. I have a tribe that goes out of their way to help. So shout out to the village who consistently helps with the heavy lifting. We love you. Do you have a tribe? Shout some of them out in the comment section. Until next time….. Saturday’s playlist is below

No More Rain: Angie Stone

Lay Me Down: Sam Smith

You Got Me: The Roots & Erykah Badu

Savage Remix: Megan Thee Stallion & Beyonce

For Free: DJ Khaled feat Drake

Everybody Mad: O.T. Genasis

Kiss it Better: Rihanna

Chandelier: Sia

Loved by You: Kirby

Who’s Gonna (Nobody): Chris Brown

Tennessee Whiskey: Chris Stapleton

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