Never be afraid of the Journey in “Almost”

We will get into some of this summer fashion soon, besides its Gemini season so you know we have something special coming up. Now and then I like to drop a little nugget that has been given to me and pay it forward so here we go..

I’ve realized that I also have males that read my blog as well so for those purposes I will stop using the word sis, unless I really need it and in those instances hopefully my brothers understand. I was watching a commercial the other day and one of the actors said “ I almost made it” “ I almost climbed to the top”! Now, this kinda confused me because I’m thinking, Do you know how far you climbed?’’. The average person wouldn’t have achieved that but here he was minimizing what he had already done because he didn’t reach the peak.

I love me some Brandy but almost absolutely does count. Let’s think about this for a minute. I am not a fan of the trophy just for participating but I am down for finding the lesson in every experience and using that lesson to propel whatever it is I am doing forward. So you ALMOST got that dream job you wanted? You interviewed for the number one company, you even got to the last round of interviews but didn’t get the job. Does almost count in this situation? Yeah, it may not feel good but you got interview experience, you made it to the final round of a number one company and people know your name. What about that guy or girl you’ve been dating? You guys ALMOST had something? What could you pull from this situation? I know this week’s blog is short and sweet but don’t discount your “almost”. It the journey in almost that gets us to the destination and the goal. I hope that this message floats until it reaches that person that needs it most. I hope it encourages you to continue on your journey despite the obstacles that have been placed in your way.

Unless next time…… keep it classy

One Comment on “Never be afraid of the Journey in “Almost”

  1. They made so much sense to me Almost is really an accomplishment in itself. That was Awesome and definitely good for thought ❤️


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