Parental FOMO ?

We’re family, right? I am starting to believe that I am suffering from a serious case of reverse parental FOMO. Just hear me out…

Maybe a year into having my son, I remember feeling like I had no friends. I wasn’t going anywhere, talking to anyone, or doing anything. The truth of the matter was that I didn’t want to, so it was cool. I was completely consumed with my “ Alexander the Great”. Well, eventually I started to miss brunch and talking to my girlfriends. I started to do a couple of things now and then and “BOOM” 3 years later, I am back to my normal self. SN: Y’all it took me that long. Okay fast forward to now and we have been on quarantine for a while now and I’m enjoying it! This blog for the week is simply an ask for other parents to do the same.

Reverse Parental FOMO: Described as the “fear of missing out” on parental duties due to time constraints, duties, or tasks.

I made that definition up so if you work for Webster or Wikipedia…Chill. Since my little one has been home for 5 months now, I am amazed to see how quickly he learns and all the things that he can do. Who knew? While hustling and surviving…Good Times, I was missing out on so much time I never knew I needed with my son. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am completely over playing monster trucks, hot wheels, and listening to Old Town Road but sooner than later we will be back to work and I’ll be missing all these moments. It kinda makes me sad.

We only have a small amount of time to make a big impression. We’ve been given a little more time than expected so its a great time to make the best of it! What have you guys been doing at home with the kids? Here are my top five things we’ve done in the past month.

#1 We learned to ride a bike

#2 We painted on our first family canvas

#3 We learned the “Savage ” TikTok ( No judgment)

#4 We made homemade pizza for the first time

#5 We finally stopped watching Space Jam every night.

Bonus: He spent the night with his auntie for the first time.. I only cried twice

Until next…. stay cool! Its hot AF outside

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