Heavy on the Self-Love

So it’s not gonna be easy. It’s going to be really hard; we’re gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, everyday.


Y’all here is a going into the new year type of rant. Let me start by saying if you have scrolled across the site, connected with me on social media or have the pleasure of experiencing my Gemini in person then you know self-love is my thing. I have pictures everywhere of myself. I feel unbreakable and unshakable even when I am in a constant state of WTF. I just love me. (Pause) This one time I was doing something crazy. I can’t remember what it was but I think I fell on the ground or something. I literally had this out of body experience where I looked down at myself, shook my head and started laughing. (Play) Okay, I’m back. I am not the girl that has to roll with a crew or get people to like me. That’s also never been my thing. As a matter a fact, I prefer a small group and I like to arrive alone. I like to have my own swag as the people say and make a entrance. I love you too. I am extremely big on birthdays. It’s the day you arrived in the world and its no other day like that day. I all but force my friends and family to celebrate their birthdays. It’s a celebration of you. Throughout times when I was younger and I would get upset about something and I can remember telling myself that things would be okay. I still do that till this day. 

I said all that to say this, I roll “Heavy on the Self Love”. It has and remains the only consistent, reliable, and unwavering thing in my life. Can you always put yourself first? Of course, not but “YOU” can always be a part of the thought process and never let people make you feel like that is selfish. In my opinion, sometimes people can be disappointing because no one knows you like you. I would like to think that I know every thought in my sons head and can determine his actions based on how he thinks but the truth remains that there are going to be things that I just have to ask because they are unique to just him. 

Throughout issues with family, loss of loved ones or taking Ls in relationships, she, me , her and I have remained constant. She’s never let me down and each day she continues to amaze me. One of the things that sparked this post is that I have a tendency to overeat, mostly carbs when I am experiencing any type of emotional distress. I recognize it, read about it and when I am feeling that way, I look for strategies to put in place to help. Why would I do that to her? We went through a phase where the word self-care felt like it was being extremely overused but you would not believe how many women I know that are still putting it off until tomorrow. Take care of yourselves ladies! There is only one YOU that can YOU the way that YOU do.

I love you guys

What “Self Love” looks like to me:

  • Singing Karaoke
  • Makeup tutorials
  • Great smelling perfumes and lotions
  • Water
  • Appreciating and dressing my body

What I am currently reading

  • When Food is Food & Love is Love by Geneen Roth
  • Black Girls Must Die Exhausted by Jayne Allen

What I am listening to:

  • Adele, 30
  • Drake, Certified Lover Boy

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